A bit fresh! - October 2019

Great little ride into work this morning , dry roads and nice n fresh , proper alive ! just one little thing in the back of my mind .....winter is drawing in and i promised myself years ago after using a nc30 and a 600 bandit for a 70 mile round trip i told myself never to use a bike through winter again or in fact never use one for commuting again full stop  .

Fast forward many years and i am here again , time to use a bike again for getting to and from work . its no drama this time round as its only a 6 mile round trip to work , i can handle that ...its what to do to combat my lack of winter cleaning and cold fingers turning into frozen fish fingers ?

I been stewing my own brain out and have come up with a cunning plan ( sorry baldrick ) for the daily ride and the lack of enthusiasm for cleaning . so its time to sell the current ride and grab a crf250 l  for the commute and finally scratch the itch i have had for years and have a go at green laning at the same time . Only the summer of 2020 will tell me if i will need a proper fun road bike again , dont worry cos if that is the case i reckon i will grab a gen 1 tuono to sling my leg over .

As for  them finger i can only show you a pic of how the hands are gonna be covered this year ,,,dont worry the pretend police hi viz is not gonna be on this lads back . 

take care out there if ya gonna be riding through the winter and if for any reason ya have a spare day your always gonna be welcome at my drum to clean the bike ,,,,i will keep you well oiled with fresh brews , promise !

word up , snox .

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