Samco Hose & Clip Kits

A firm favorite amongst many of our customer base, these hose and clip kits are a fantastic replacement for the OEM ones fitted in the Aprilia factory. Handmade in the UK and comes with a Lifetime Warranty (when fitted with the Samco Hose Clip Kit).

The main benefits are that OEM manufacturers often use plastic or alloy joiners to connect 2 rubber hoses together that can often come loose, crack or even break in half. Hose clamps are also used in these connections, which can sometimes be another point of failure, especially if the bike manufacturer uses low grade or cheaper hose clamps to save on cost.

The Y-Piece hose found in some kits reduces the amount of clamps within the set-up, which for some riders can be the difference between winning and losing a race.

Samco have developed a method to prevent the hoses from having flashing, which is something you often see in other cheaper, lower-quality hoses.
Flashing is the leftover pieces of silicone that remain in the hose junctions, which can cause the following issues; Coolant Flow Restriction, Break off and Enter the Cooling System, Weakening the Connection Between the Combined Hoses.