Aprilia Tuono Gen 1 (02-05)


The Gen 1 Aprilia Tuono is a firm favourite amongst us here at AP Workshops and is a great combination of comfort and power that retains that 'true bike' feel.

You can here the passion reignite as Griff takes a 2004 RP NG (New Gear) Twin Plug for a test ride. Listen as he gives you a superb insight into what's going on with the engine and ECU that makes the Gen 1 different to the Gen 2, explain how he came to fall for them and that it's basically a daily use RSV with high rise handle bars!! Say whaaaaat?!?!

This test bike is very well looked after and is brought to us for a regular check up. If you need yours checking over get in touch, or if your just looking for some upgrades or replacement parts, please take a look at our extensive genuine and aftermarket parts catalogue for the Gen 1.