RSV4 Tank Removal

In this video we look at how to remove the tank off the Aprilia RSV4 motorbike, in this case it was a 2015 RF. The same process applies to the Tuono V4.



Firstly, the pillion seat cover was removed to expose the 2 x 5mm allen key bolts which then allowed the riders seat to be removed. Then the gyroscope was undone and moved out of the way (the ignition was off at this point and so the ECU wasn't detecting any movement), the tank infill panels were removed and the 2 x breather pipes located on the left hand side of the tank were then disconnected.

The front 5mm allen mounting bolt was next, then fuel pump electrical connection on the right hand side of the tank disconnected and followed by the fuel line. Please take care when disconnecting the fuel line and we highly recommend that you use a piece of rag as its a pressurised system and you may experience a degree of splash back. Also be very careful not to break the rigid plastic fuel line that points towards the rear of the Aprilia motorcycle, especially when lowering the tank back down.

Finally the tank can be removed and placed in a safe and sturdy location, allowing access to the ECU, airbox, top of the engine and much more.

Refitting is a simple process of doing it in reverse but if you have any problems, please feel free to get in touch via email or phone.