Torque settings V-Twin and V4

Useful torque settings for the RSV 98-10, Tuono 02-10, RSV4, Tuono V4 and Caponord 1000.


Item Torque setting in Nm
Rear wheel spindle nut 100
Front wheel spindle nut 80
Rear calliper 25
Front calliper 50
Rear disc 30
Front disc 30
Front sprocket retainer 50
Sprocket carrier nuts 50
Showa pinch bolts 12
Gen 1 & 2 Ohlins pinch bolts 6-8 please be extremely cautious
V4 Ohlins pinch bolts 10 please be extremely cautious
Shock absorber to frame mount 50
Dog bone and link plates 50
CO2 Exhaust bung (we recommend using a dab of copper slip grease to aide future removal) 25
Front engine mount 50
Rear engine mount 50
Spark plug Gen 1 & 2 20
Spark plug V4 12
Drain plug V-Twin  10
Drain plug V4  25
Valve cover V4 11


If you can't find the item your looking for in the list above, please see the Workshop Manuals section we have uploaded for your use or feel free to give us a call or send us a message.