Aprilia RS660 (20-present)

This is AP Workshops very own Aprilia RS660 and has been a pleasure to get to know so far. It's light, agile and so much fun and just little things such as the steering lock to lock, make it easier to live with.

Griff explains that the 3 maps selection is a definite bonus, especially the commute one to make town riding better, and it has slightly lower footrests that can increase your seat time.

Listen to him talk about owning an RS660 and an important recall if you do. There are technical points and a reference to our YouTube channel (click on the link in the video clip window) that has around 150 videos on it to help you with all things Aprilia related.

We personally like the RS660 and it's a refreshing alternative to the more higher powered machines out there but what do you think? Watch on and see if you agree.

Take care and stay frosty.