RSV4 Gearbox Strip

In this video we look at how the Aprilia V4 cassette style gearbox was removed, what the fault was and how we fixed it to get it back to full working order.

The 1st thing we did was put the kettle on, its all about the moral from a mug (no teabags were harmed in the making of this video). We then took the belly pan off, drained the oil, and removed the clutch cover. The clutch plates and steels were the next items out and they were carefully placed in a pile so that they went back in in the same order. Next off was the clutch basket closely followed by the front sprocket and gear shift lever, which then meant the gear shift rod could be slid out from the gearbox side. Next was the oil pump drive sprocket and finally the cassette style gearbox itself.

Once on the bench it was inspected and starting with the gear selector rods within the gearbox, the strip began. Next out were the selector forks, which had undue wear on them, and then the gears themselves, note the washer. The selector dogs, that are on the input shaft, were scrutinised and significant wear was found on them which was the probable cause of the issue, it not holding 4th gear. The gears on the output shaft were the last parts to be inspected and they also had wear on them.

In just under an hour, a conversation took place about what parts would be needed such as 2 x selector forks, 2 x input shaft gears, 3 x output shaft gears and a clutch cover gasket to get the gearbox and Aprilia RSV4 RF back to full working order.


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