The Technical Bit - Oil viscosity, grades and usage

In this video we talk to an official representative of Motul oils to discuss the options for oils including the use cases for single and multigrade oils.

Why we choose the oils we do in the workshop for use in our country, as well as why that differs depending on climate and the like.

Hot Off the Press!!!!! The mysterious 'W' that is in 10w40 is solved. ;)

We use a variety of lubricants in the workshop depending on the work carried out and which Aprilia motorcycles we are working on. A common question that is asked almost everyday is "what oil should I be using in my Aprilia....?". Have a browse in our Technical info area at the Workshop Manuals to find out. If not, please feel free to ask us as we are here to help.

Make a brew, kick back and relax whilst you check it out!!