Aprilia Gen 2 Tuono (06-10)

This is a great insight into the 'Living With' series, this time it's the Gen 2 Aprilia Tuono RR.

Here, Griff is joined by David who kindly allowed us to film him as he describes his experience of owning one so far and then use his bike for a test ride.

This bike is another looked after machine which means it really is a nice one to be on. With its high bars, serviced forks and Oberon clutch cylinder, its surprisingly agile and easy to handle at any speed and feels natural. There's lots of technical information along the ride about what makes these bikes so popular and what is the 'Tuono Grin'?

Why the Gen 2 Tuono? Is it really an 'all day, every day' kind of bike? Pull up a chair and find out.

Have fun and stay sharp.