Suspension Bearing Kit Gen 1 (RSV98-03 / Tuono 02-05)

Article number: suspension bearing kit gen 1
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Fitment - RSV 98-03, Tuono 02-05, Falco, Futura

This kit comprises of -

3 pins (item 5 in the diagram), 6 uprated seals (item 4 in the diagram), 6 bearings (item 3 in the diagram)

(Please note that the kit does come with the Spooky washer as pictured)

The bearings in these kits are uprated and slightly harder wearing than the OEM factory fitted ones and a great addition for ensuring better longevity of your suspension linkage system.

Check out this short video we have produced showing you how we serviced the dog bone and explain why its important to do this.

If your unsure about the fitment of this kit to your Aprilia motorcycle, please get in touch with us and we will be able to supply you with the correct kit. We also stock a huge selection of OEM and aftermarket parts.

| C P Manley

Everything you need to replace the dog bone bearings and the bearing in the swing arm.

Really great quality and way easier than cleaning out the originals and trying to repack individual needle rollers.

You get new seals which are a nice tight fit and the Teflon washers take out some of the gap in the linkage and add some extra protection.

Definitely recommended!

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