Quick Shifter/Auto BQuick Shifter/Auto Blipper, RSV4/Tuono 1100 21-23, 2B009189lipper, RSV4/Tuono 1100 E5, 2B009189

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Fitment - RSV4 21-23, Tuono 21-23

Genuine Aprilia Quick Shifter/Auto Blipper, part number 2B009189.

This system has revolutionised riding especially in the race world, where slick gear changes up and down every time, can mean the difference between standing on the top step or not.

A quickshifter on most current motorcycles uses a switch in-line with the gear change rod that when activated causes the spark plugs to be momentarily cut, ceasing drive. That moment is commonly known as the 'float' period, which is the time when the selector fork is between gears, and is used to change the engine speed required for the next gear needed to match that of the wheel speed.

An Auto Blipper also takes advantage of float in the gearbox. As you’re off the throttle, the rear wheel is driving the engine, so a normal blip of the throttle increases the engine speed. At the moment between the rear wheel driving the engine, and the engine driving the rear wheel, the 'float' period is again utilised by the activation of the switch. 

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