Dirt Shifter bike cleaner

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Fitment - Aprilia

Dirtshifter Bike Cleaner breaks down all dirt and grime which makes your cleaning job soooooo much easier.

A “Spray on and see the magic happen” type of product. It is by far the most effective cleaner on the current market that is non caustic, salt free and 100% biodegradable which in turn means it's friendly to the environment, plastic, metal, aluminium, carbon fibre and anodised parts.

Simple spray Dirtshifter bike cleaner all over your bike covering all dirty areas, leave for a few minutes then get your jet wash, hose pipe or watering can and watch the dirt fall off. What could be simpler to make your Aprilia shine like it did when it was born.

Please note that this can only be shipped within the UK due to current shipping laws.

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