Rocker cover bolt AP0241625

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Fitment - RSV 98-10, Tuono 02-10, Falco 00-03, Futura 01-04, Caponord ETV 1000 01-07

Genuine Aprilia rocker cover bolt, part number AP0241625, item number 1 in the diagram.

The rocker cover was designed and produced to keep the oil in and the dirt out and is now found on nearly every existing internal combustion engine today.

To keep the cover in position on the Aprilia, these specific bolts should be used and tightened to the correct level otherwise they may come loose if not tight enough which will allow the oil out and dirt in, or may snap whilst tightening them if that level is exceeded.

Please visit our technical section to find the specific torque settings in the workshop manual for your motorbike.

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