Spark Plug Gasket V4

Article number: 857074
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Fitment - RSV4 09-21, Tuono V4 11-21

Genuine Aprilia spark plug gasket, part number 857074.

We're finding that these are needing to be replaced quite often on motorcycle services due to heat issues and them becoming brittle and cracking, or even breaking completely.

If you're working on your bike in that area, give them a quick check over and if you see any form of damage or they start to feel hard, we recommend that you replace them.

Plugs with a flat seat use a crushable gasket to create a seal between the plug and combustion chamber. All spark plugs with a flat seat should include a gasket on the plug, or in the box. It's recommended that because replacement gaskets can be purchased, they should be replaced every time a plug is re-installed.

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