Side stand switch Gen 1 RSV, Tuono 00N05700601/AP8124977

Article number: 00N05700601 / 854888
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Fitment - RSV 98-03, Tuono 02-05

Aprilia OEM side stand switch, part number 00N05700601/AP8124977.

This will fit with ease as it is a direct replacement to the one fitted in the factory.

Unfortunately due to their location, these switches can sometimes become faulty through the ingress of dirt and water and so will not function correctly. This means the engine won't cut out if the stand is still down and 1st gear is engaged as the ECU sees the switch as being open ie not in use, which could mean you will be able to ride away with your stand down!!!!

This is a perfect replacement for your faulty or broken one and can be shipped worldwide with the speed of a thousand lions.....or at least as fast as the couriers will go.


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