Sprag Clutch Inner V990 engine AP0634598

Article number: 2R000113/AP0634598
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Fitment - RSV 98-10, Tuono 02-10, Falco 00-03, Caponord 01-07, Futura 01-04

Aprilia motorcycle sprag clutch inner part number AP0634598, item 1 in the diagram.

Some V990's suffer from hard starting which in turn can mean the sprag clutch is under a lot of strain. The sprag clutch is a one way freewheel/clutch which basically prevents grinding of the starter motor. It engages when the starter motor is driving the engine but freewheels once the engine starts.

Please note that if the starter is turned over and over during start up, with no effect, it too can become damaged.

Replacing the sprag clutch is no mean fete and so if you are unsure at any stage, please email us or call us at the shop and we'll be happy to discuss your concerns.

Alternatively, we can book your bike in for us to complete the task in our fully equipped workshop.

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