Suspension linkage bolt Gen 2, V4 AP8152412

Article number: AP8152412
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Fitment - RSV 03-10, Tuono 06-10, RSV4 09-20, Tuono V4 11-20 

OEM Aprilia Suspension linkage hex head bolt, part number AP8152412, part number 6 in the diagram.

This is used to attach the suspension linkage or 'dog bone' to the swingarm and fastens into this nut, AP8152301. The bolt is very similar to the top shock mounting bolt but is a slightly different length.

If you find that your original bolt has deteriorated over time or the head is rounded, this is the perfect replacement part to fit. But please note that it needs to be torqued to the correct level, which can be found in your bikes specific workshop manual.

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