Generator - Updated Stator RSV4/Tuono V4 1A010574

Article number: 1A010574
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Fitment: RSV4 13-20, Tuono V4 13-20

Genuine Aprilia Generator Stator Flywheel assembly, part number 1A010574, item number 9 in the diagram.

This is the updated one and by fitting it you will severely reduce the likelihood of your motorbike suffering from charging and starting issues meaning you have peace of mind knowing you can go anywhere and everywhere without the fear of potentially having to be recovered.

Please be aware that your motorcycle could already be fitted with this stator which is for the Kokusan Flywheel. The other main alternative Flywheel is the Mitsubishi one. Unfortunately there is no way to tell which stator you have until you remove the cover and take a look. If you are in any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

As we have a fully equipped workshop, we are able to carry out all your servicing and maintenance needs for your trusty steads and for an introduction into what the Stator is for and how it works, check out the Gen 2 Charging Issues video in our Technical Bit section.

And one of our top tips is don't forget to order a new Generator Cover Gasket in readiness for reassembly.

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