Head Gasket V990 AP0650210

Article number: AP0650210
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Fitment - RSV 98-10, Tuono 02-10, Caponord ETV 1000 01-07, Falco 00-03, Futura 01-04

OEM Aprilia Head Gasket, item number AP0650210, item number 19 in the diagram.

This should only really be needed if your head gasket has blown, you're putting performance heads on or re-building your engine.

The head gasket performs a very critical function on your fabulous ride as it seals the cylinder head which allows coolant to flow through small engine passages and for oil to flow around all the moving parts for lubrication. It also seals the combustion chamber itself.

The head gasket can blow which means that the seal is broken and can allow your oil and coolant to mix. It also can affect the pressure inside the combustion chamber that in turn can affect your piston performance and combustion efficiency.

All of these things can be absolutely catastrophic to your engine and destroy it in seconds and therefore why it’s vitally important not to ride with a blown head gasket unless it is absolutely necessary.

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