Suspension bolt nut AP8152301

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Fitment - Aprilia motorcycle range

Genuine Aprilia suspension bolt nut, part number AP8152301.

This is the nut, number 8 in this diagram used for reference only, that fits onto your shock absorber link pin but is also cross compatible with many other areas, such as the linkage plate (dog bone section).

It is pre-installed with thread lock meaning it shouldn't come undone if correctly tightened, and prevents you from having to apply thread lock yourself.

If you're carrying out any form of suspension work that requires you to remove this nut, we recommend that you consider replacing it with a new one to maintain the locking feature they provide. It will also give you better piece of mind knowing that it's new and secure. 

Please see our extensive range of suspension service items for the Aprilia motorcycle range, such as the RSV4 and RS660. We have also produced a number of technical videos to assist you with servicing and setting up your own.

But if that seems like a black art to you, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help out and discuss your requirements.

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