Renthal grips - RSV4 -TuonoV4- RS660 (2017 onwards)

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Fitment - RSV4 17-20, Tuono V4 17-20, RS660, Tuono 660

Renthal Grip Tech Extra Firm replacement grips for the Aprilia motorcycle.

These are made by using the most advanced grip compounds as well as a variety of patterns and techniques which in turn means Renthal have created a range of grips designed to help riders feel, control and interact more with their bike. This is especially important with the Aprilia that can be a little feisty at times.

These extra firm grips are aimed more towards the fast road and track rider, with a lower tackiness and absorption feel but an enhance strength and durability level.

They are a straight forward fit and will have your machine looking and feeling as amazing as ever in no time at all.

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