Reverse Shift Lever APRC V4 17- large spacer

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Fitment - RSV4 and Tuono V4 with APRC 17 onwards

Aprilia V4 Reverse shift lever large spacer with a 5 position toe selector to help get the set up and feel perfect for you and your motorbike.

This AP Workshops developed lever means that instead of trying to hook your toes under the peg to change up when its only a few inches from the ground, you can simply press down to do it. The result being a much smoother change, less upset with you and your bike whilst cornering and an increase in confidence.

The reverse shift set up is most commonly used by racers and track day riders who want to be able to seamlessly change gear whilst leant over but is also a great addition for other environments and it has been developed with ease of fitting in mind as it simply replaces the OEM gear change lever.

Please note the picture is for illustration purposes.

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