Close Throttle Cable Gen 2 Tuono AP8114479

Article number: AP8114479
Availability: In stock

Fitment: Tuono 06-10

Genuine close throttle cable for the Aprilia motorcycle, part number AP8114479, number 8 in the diagram.

This is the one that shuts off the oodles of power your epic machine makes and is a direct replacement for the cable found on the Gen 2 Tuono and so it should be a straightforward enough swap.

When fitting this item, take into consideration that your old cable could have stretched and so you might need to adjust the cable accordingly to get the right amount of play on your grip.

We have stock of a wide variety of OEM and aftermarket Aprilia spares and are pretty confident that we have something for everyone. If this is not the part you are looking for for your motorcycle, or you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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