AP Workshops Air Filter APWAF9800 for 98-00 RSV Small Valve Engines

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Fitment - RSV 98-00 Small Valve Engines

AP Workshops Air Filter, part number APWAF9800.

Designed to fit the open air box kit and create increased horsepower and torque due to its pleated media which provides a large filtration area. 

It has multiple layers of woven cotton gauze that offer excellent filtration, and has an application specific base seal and sealing bead. They have been made in the UK specifically for AP Workshops and are washable and reusable, pre-oiled and ready to ride!

If you service your motorcycle regularly, these can be an amazing alternative to a stock filter and will give you longer service intervals that will save having to buy a standard air filter each time. That in turn means potentially saving you some money which is most definitely a winner.

Please contact us if you want any further information or please look online at our extensive range of other genuine and aftermarket performance upgrades for your Aprilia motorcycle.

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