1060 Big Bore Kit - Complete In Stock - Made To Order

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Fitment - All V990 engines (including Gen 1 and 2 RSV/Tuono)

THE AP Workshops 1060 Big Bore kit!!

IGNORE the out of stock message as these are made to order and in stock so please CALL THE SHOP on 01827 285500 to order a kit.

This is the ultimate complete off the shelf, ready to go package with all the parts you'll need to turn your 998cc engine into a 1060cc big bore bad boy and exceed that Aprilia punch these bikes already pack aka MORE POWEEEEERRRR!!!!!

Results will vary, depending on the build and the state of tune of the bike, but on average we see approximately 15-20% increase in power from around 3500-4000 rpm onward.

The pistons have been designed at AP Workshops and along with the complete kits, are proven to be completely reliable with no recorded failures to date on any road or race bike we have built in our workshops.

Each kit includes -

  • 100mm AP Workshops pistons
  • 100mm standard barrels, bored and relined with Nikosil
  • Head Gaskets (designed to run with standard cylinder head and the supplied barrel)
  • Base Gaskets (genuine Aprilia)
  • Valve Stem seals (genuine Aprilia)

Due to it's higher level of installation difficulty, this product is recommended for self install by those who have increased mechanical and fitting experience and knowledge. However, we are here to assist you every step of the way with a proven after sales service, should you feel you need it. 

Please note that due to the high value of this item we shall need to provide a postage cost so please get in touch so we can discuss this with you. Thank you.

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