Uprated Battery Cable Kit Gen 1 RSV and Tuono

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Fitment - RSV 98-03, Tuono 02-05

Uprated Battery Cable Kit. 

We have now successfully sourced OE safety crimps from the original supplier to Aprilia. This allows you to install your uprated cable kit without any more need to solder into the 30amp supply cables. 

Uprated Battery Cables: Full fitting instructions included.

Designed to replace existing OE starting circuit cables and allows for the full current flow from 220CCA batteries when used with the genuine 150A Solenoid (OE Cables can only manage 170 when new).

Made from a full copper construction with auxiliary connection at the battery bus bar for independent optima or alarm connection, will remove any doubts for potential corrosion, heat or mechanical damage.

They are built, fully tested and then a healthy coating of ACF50 applied to all connections to keep corrosion free. This results in much faster cranking speeds and spark during starting, meaning your bike will fire up so much better, as well as protection of the sprag clutch.

| David Theunissen

Starting is like night and day difference, extremely highly recommended.

| David Theunissen

Without a doubt, the most significant and essential upgrade you can install on a gen 1.Personally, I believe this will save your sprag starter clutch, the difference in starting is like night and day.
Would highly recommend at least a 200 cca battery.
Griff and the crew are tops in my book. They are boss.

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