Yuasa TTZ14S - Upgrade battery for Aprilia V-Twin

Article number: TTZ14S
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Fitment: All V990 Rotax engines

Rotax engines are pretty bombproof when it comes to reliability, however, they require a reasonable level of power to start. Whilst the original battery just about did the job, battery technology has improved significantly and as a consequence, we highly recommend this battery for the big Aprilia V-Twin as a worthwhile upgrade from the OEM.

Not only is it compact, but it has a much greater cold crank output, meaning that it can turn your bike over with more grunt. This is a extremely good in the colder months as well as helping to prevent excessive Sprag clutch wear.

This battery replaces the OEM YTZ14-BS with no need for modification.

For optimum power and less false starts, we additionally advise that Gen 1 owners also fit an upgraded starter solenoid.

If you need any further advice please contact us.

Please note that currently we can only ship batteries within the UK.

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